March 22nd 2003
Mini All Day

Hider: WB6JPI Bob (Jippy)
Place: Sylmar, San Fernando Area, in and around Little Tujunga Canyon

Pictures from the Hunt

 Don (KF6GQ) and Steve (KD6LAJ) Story

Travis (AE6GA) Story

Deryl (N6AIN)and Stve (N6XFC) Story

 Doug (WA6RJN) and David (KG6KZF) Story

The original hiding place was located 350 miles from PV. In the interest of over $2.00/gal gasoline I moved it to much closer. The Basic Theme was to hold the hunt nearby with lots of transmitters to keep the hunters busy. I tried two "new" things on this hide, one was to have three transmitters (T-10, T-7, T6) with dual IDs, random code speeds and random pitches that were close to each other and had identical sounds except for the T-number. Combined with this the three transmitters would be in a canyon with hopefully lots of bounces. I hoped confusion with all of the IDs and overlapping signals would keep things lively. Adding to the mess was my new 18 element wide spaced beam (37 ft boom) running 30 watts (T-7) 2 ft off the ground pointed at the canyon wall. I couldn't find a place for T-6, so only two of the three confusion boxeswere in the canyon.

Since the big todo was in a canyon in back of a mountain, I was afraid it couldn't be heard at the start, so I put a transmitter on Kagel mountain (T-9) and another up Kagel canyon motor trail (T-8). The rest of the 10 transmitters were scattered around without much planning. Being only 45 minutes from the start, I didn't want to be planting transmitters with folk in the area and I didn't want to mess with delay or remote turnon with so many transmitters, so I decided to just start early and hope it didnt confuse too many. I started the first transmitters at 7 AM (T2,T4,T5) and one that could be heard at the start (T-1,T-8) about 8AM. The come-on on Kagel (T-9) came on at 10AM. Ts 10,7,6,3 were all on by 11:30 AM.

In summary here is where they all were: All north Sylmar in the Angeles Forest or nearby:

T-1, micro T, 10 mW, vert, Contract point N34 20.494 W118 24.418

T-2, micro T, 10 mW, vert, in bush at entrance to model air park, Lopez Dam. N34 18.303,W118 24.710

T-3, micro T, 10 mW, vert, in bush 100 ft in front of T-7. N34 21.052 W118 22.731

T-4, micro T, 10 mW, vert, in bent Yucca entrance to hang glider landing park, N34 19.059 W118 24.453

T-5 Talking T, 50 mW, Vert, hanging from curve sign on Gold creek rd. N34 19.042 W118 19.415

T-6 Milk T, 1 watt, Horz, 4 el beam pointed at Kagel Mt. from Forestry rd 3N17, N34 21.645 W118 22.194

T-7 Big T, 30 watts, Horz 18 el wide spaced beam 2 ft elevation, pointed at canyon wall off Little Tujunga cyn rd., N34 21.049 W118 22.727.

T-8 AF6O T, 3 Watts, Vert 1/2 wave, Kagel Cyn, Truck Trail N34 19.344 W118 22.109

T-9 AF6O T, 3 Watts, Vert 1/2 wave, Kagel Mt. N34 20.010 W118 23.090

T-10 Bag T, 100 mW, Horiz 4 el beam pointed south at T-7, N34 21.461 W118 23.422

I picked up the transmitters today and found that T3 was broken. Sorry..You could hear the two micro Ts, T2 and T4, from Kagel mtn. (T-9) and I guess Scott did that as he found T2. Everyone missed T-4 at Lopez dam.

Someone had moved T9 on Kagal Mountain. I hope it wasn't one of you. It was still transmitting although very weak and only seemed to make RF on the dashes so I was able to find it about 150 yds east of the windsock. I put right under the windsock. If the hang-glider people moved it, they should have asked or at least told someone (or left a note). Another hour and it would have been lost. T-8 had stopped transmitting by the time I got there (although KZZ had found it at 5PM Sunday, so it wasn't broken, but the antenna connector is flakey.) and it took me over an hour to find it as my GPS didn't make a good waypoint and I couldn't remember exactly where I put the thing.

Call          Starting                                                  
Sign          Mileage  total found     Order          Mileage   Miles
N6MI/KB6NYW     404.1       8       5,7,10,6,1,9,4,8   559.5    155.4 Winner
WA6RJN/KG6KZF   458         7       5,10,1,6,7,9,8     545      87
KF6GQ/KD6LAJ    112.25      7       5,7,10,1,9,6,8     123.1    123.1
N6AIN/N6XFC     253.4       6       6,10,7,9,1,5       366.2    112.8
WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ   80.7        6       5,7,10,9,6,1       203      122.3
K6SNE/N6INF     790         5       5,7,10,1,6         933.4    143.4
KA6KZZ/KG6CBD   420.4       4       5,9,7,8            602.4    182
AE6GGA          762         3       10,7,5             839       77

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