Jippyís Mini-All Day for March of 2003
Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ's

It was a dark & stormy night, Oh! Wait a minute, this is the all-day story. Let me begin, It was a bright and clear 4th  Saturday morning when we loaded up the T-hunt vehicle (KD6LAJ & KF6GQ). Got an early start and headed for the start point. Once we got onto Crenshaw Blvd., we could hear a T on the air, wait it isn't 10:00am yet! But it is always Jippy that puts on the T at the breakfast eating place, so I guess this isn't too unusual. When we got to the top of the hill, we found that some teams had already gotten there. So we got out and chatted with the other teams. Now everything was okay until this point, when someone asked, what kind of batteries does the new Digital Compass use? So I quickly took off the back cover to look. Well! When the back cover comes off, the battery sometimes disconnects from the circuit and away goes all of the settings that you just the night before spent several hours putting in. Well, I had just spent the last week getting N6AIN to set up his compass, so I asked him how do we do it, without the instructions. Luckily, he remembered some of the key points. After spending several minutes on the task, I got my compass up and running again. Now if any of my bearings are off, we know what the excuse will be. As 10:00am rolled around, we could make out two Tís on the air, T8 & T1, we got bearings anywhere from 345 degrees to 18 degrees for these two Tís. The rest of the teams seemed to be getting similar results. We went up to the top of the parking lot and took more bearings and found the same, depending on the location of the hunt vehicle. When we got to the bottom, I noticed that a new hunter had arrived, so I went over to meet him, but on the way I was intercepted by N6AIN & XFC and they told me that a third T had come on the air. It was T9, and it was stronger than the other two. This bearing was 354 degrees. Our plan was to go up over the Angles Forest highway and see what we could get from up there. We figured that Jippy had left home, went up over the backside of the San Gabriels, and left a T at several different locations. Well as we went down to PCH to turn right we saw two other hunters going left to go up Hawthorne Blvd. So we made our right then a U turn and went north on Crenshaw (its amazing how a little nudge will point you in another direction). As we went north up to the 405 frwy, we kept getting bearings that told us we had done the right thing by going up the 405 instead of the 110. We got off at Muholland Dr. and saw TNJ leaving from getting a bearing from there. Our bearings from there put the two Tís we could now hear T9 & T1 about 35 degrees apart. What happened to T8? Well we decided to go after the Tís we could hear and don't worry about T8. We went to the 118 freeway and went east, to foothill and then took foothill to Osborne St. Up Osborne and soon heard T5 A talking Jippy T. With a little overshoot we had bagged our first T, before 12:00 noon, this is going to be a great hunt!  So we continued up the road, when lo & behold! There was a Jippy hiding another T, (no just making that up), we stopped and talked with Jippy and he assured us that he was finished hiding all the Tís (I noticed that he had at least two Tís still in his car). So saying bye to Jippy we continued on. When we got to the top of a saddle, we now could hear 14 Tís, it was more like a free 4 all hunt! So we stopped to try and make sense out of the mess. We drove up a dirt road (this is the dirt road that T9 was hidden on) and decided that the only way to hunt this mess was to put in a lot of attenuation, and go find the strongest one. So we left the dirt road (only to return there later), and came across T7(passed this one too). Came back found it then as we where leaving MI & team drove up and didn't have to go by, because we where already there. Posed for the camera and left. Then up the road a bit more we come to the new hunter, I wanted to do a U turn, because we now have just passed another T! So how to do this without giving away the site? As we where trying to figure out how to do this, up comes MI again (man, if you needed a lawyer you couldn't find one, but this one I couldn't get rid of!). So I told them I had stopped to take a leak and was going down into the bushes to do it, when down there, I sign into the T. I think I fooled the new hunter for about 10 minutes, but I know that MI had no interest in going down into those bushes.  So off we go again 3 Tís found and 1st. on top of the list. This is really becoming a good hunt! (now, if only I could get MI off my back). We had a bearing on T9 and it seemed to point up to Contractors point, so up we went, but when we got halfway up, we realized that T9 was over on the next ridge. But T1 was now coming in strong. As we where sitting minding our own business, up comes MI again. What does he want this time! Well we decided to let him go up the hill before us, and get to T1 first; if we keep staying ahead of him he will keep suckering off of us on the Tís. So we let them go to T1 before us, then we check in, Mike SNE & Dave IDF have gotten here also. So we swap lies with them for awhile, and sign into the T1 sign in sheet. We take some bearings on T6 from there and now know that T6 is on the road to Magic Mt. We drive down to the main highway and decide that Jippy most likely put several Tís up on that route, so the smartest thing to do was to go get T9 first, then come back and get the many Tís Jippy had put on the road to Mt. Gleason. So up the dirt road pass where we had just been 2 hours earlier, and up to where the hang gliders where taking off from. WE found T9 with no trouble, and signed in 1st. again! While Steve stayed with the hunt mobile, I went to talk to the flyers, and maybe swap some stories about when I used to fly those things. I met a very nice pilot, who also is a ham, and knew exactly what we where doing. Apparently he had done some ďFOXĒ hunting in the past. So while I was at the take off spot, LAJ was getting some other bearings on the Tís we hadn't got to yet. We drove over to the divide road (Mt. Gleason), and saw TJN & TQQ coming out, so we stopped for a few minutes and told them some lies, and they actually told us the truth! They said that they had been up the road and found nothing! Well! We knew that T6 had to be up there, so we just laughed and continued on. Oh no! its MI again! Out comes his camera, and asks ďare we having fun yet?Ē, well I wanted to tell him ďall except for bumping into you, we have been having a great timeĒ. Up the road we go, the bearing is in front of us and is getting stronger, then, its now behind us! What happened? I wasn't driving that fast. So back we go slowly, then up ahead is RJN and his son standing by the hillside, I know that they might be looking for this T, but I'm not going to stop and give away the location, so we drive pass and stop a little ways out of sight. Boy why are they taking so long? We had better go back and see. They where now sitting in their car, so no way could we stop and give the location away. No! wait, maybe its us they are trying to keep away! We stop, find the T and sign in. RJN had signed in before us (too bad), but I didn't see TJN signed in! So they where telling the truth, they hadn't found anything up that road! We go east on Mt. Gleason rd. till we get to a spot that allows us to see clearly to the east, and no signals from there. So now we know we had been had, the miles would have been better spent coming here first. And we would have beaten MI to T6 too! So just where are those other Tís? We know for sure that T8 was able to be heard from the start, but where is it now? We decided based on the bearings that we had originally gotten was up I5 near Santa Clarita. So off the hills we come down into Santa Clarita, then to the 5, and no signal! What's this? So we decided that we would come back down the 5 to the 210 and take another look at the front side of the range, and see what we could hear. We decide to look at the Kagle Canyon area, for any possible signals. We met the new hunter on Kagle Canyon rd. and he was looking for T9. We told him that he was getting close, but he might not be able to locate from this side of the hills. T9 was very strong here. We continued on up the dead end of Kagle canyon, when all of a sudden T8 with 40DB of attenuation in, came on. Where the heck has it been? So we continued up till we came to a lot of no trespassing signs, but noticed that some land owner had put a no trespassing sign on a National Forest road, so we ignored the sign and continued up the road. About this time T8 had now lost its ID, it was coming on with only a dead carrier, so we stepped up our speed to locate it before it dies again. We found the T just as it was getting dark out. We where the first to check in here also! Alright 4 Tís as the first to check in. Hey N6AIN, where were you? We went and had dinner and took a trip up big Tjunga Canyon Rd. to be sure that we didn't miss any Tís that might be lying there. I think that we should have gone all the way to the end of the road at T1, to see if T2 & T3 might be there. But we didn't so all we found was 7 Tís and 123.1 miles. I really enjoyed this hunt because it was close, interesting, great views, and we got home at a reasonable hour.
Note: I was all ready for snow.

Don & Steve