Deryl N6AIN and Steve N6XFCís Story
Jippy's Mini All Day
March 22nd 2003


Steve showed up just before 8:00am and we loaded all his stuff up and took off.

Steve had a can of dayglow paint. He wanted to stop at the Crenshaw run start line and put a line on the curb so hunters will know where to start there run. I was afraid he was going to be accused of being a tager so we made it quick job of it. Steve took some pictures and away we went.

At the top of the hill we noticed the neighbor below was installing some shrubbery beside the road. Guess he got tired of ďpeopleĒ parking there and disturbing his peace.

There were already at least 2 Ts on the air. Bearing seam to come from Mt. Gleason area. So we decided highway 2 to Angeles Forest road might be a short route.

Hours later it was obvious we had made a mistake. From 3N17 west of Mt Gleason all bearings pointed farther west. On we went, trying a few side roads that  MIGHT .. have been the way but .. NOT!

It was very discouraging to hear other T-hunter talking on the frequency about signing in and we were no where near them. But just beyond Magic Mountain turn off, we all of a sudden had a full-scale signal on the 3rd harmonic for T6. It was behind us. Backed up a ways and now it was in front of us. Looked around and there it was in the south side of the road. Good news, no one else had signed in. At least we would be first to one of the Ts.

Continuing on we reached Little Tujunga Canyon road. All the bearing seamed to be from the south so south we went. It wasnít long before T10 was strong on the 3rd harmonic. Slowly moving along we found it off to the right over the edge of the road. Bad news, just about everyone had signed in to this T.

From T10 we got a good bearing on T9. Looked like it was coming from the top of the hill where the hang gliders are coming off. There are many other Ts heard here and they are all in front of us. So on down Little Tununga we go.

Not far down, T7 is blowing the front end out of my radio. We get out and sniff around and Steve sees the long beam on the ground. Bad news again, just about everyone has signed into this T also.

From a hunt, many years before, I remember there is a road off to the right that goes up to the hang glider take off point where we think T9 is. We find it and go up. It seams much longer than I remember. Finally we are at the take off point and T9 is behind us but very strong. Back just a short ways we park off to the side of the road and sniff. Itís in bush and good news, only KF6GQ has signed in. Wonder how the other hunters missed this one.

Since this is such a high point, we decide to see what we can hear. T2 and T4 seam to be south and west. T1 is northwest towards Contractors point. We hear no other Ts but the ones we have already found. Before we leave Pete WA6TQQ and Wayne KC6TNJ Show up. They find T9 in short order and we exchange lies. Wayne does slip and said something about a voice T witch we havenít heard. Thanks Wayne.

We decide to continue south on Little Tujunga. Steve isnít convinced that there is anything on Contractors. ERROR. Before we get off the hill we do hear the voice T south so we definitely well be going that way.

As we get close to Gold Creek Rd, the voice T is quite strong. Up Gold Creek and there it is hanging on a sign beside the road. We continue on up God Creek incase Jippy hid something there. Nothing there so back out. We run into Mike K6SNE and David N6IDF just before we make it back to Tujunga. Exchanging a few lies and truths itís clear there is probably something on Contractors. Back north we go.

Itís getting late so we hurry up to Contractors Point and sure enough, there T1 is in a bush. As the sun sets we get some bearings on T2 and T4. Must be down at the bottom of the mountains.

Out we go to the 14 and around to the 210. Now we start hearing T8. As we get to Paxton itís to the left so we get off and go up Lopez Canyon to Glen Haven Memorial Park and left on Kagel Canyon Rd. Itís quit strong here but we canít find the road to it. There is a sign that says itís a privet road so we decide there must be another way to T8.

Back out and up Little Tujunga. We try several roads in but no way. We come upon a road with a sign saying something about a shooting range. We go through 2 open gates and end up in a parking lot at one of the shooting ranges. A man comes out and asks if we have lost someone again. We tell him what we are doing and he is very helpful. Telling us where all the roads are and maybe we can get in from above. So we decide to try farther up the canyon.

It turns out that the next way in up the canyon is the same road we went in to get to T9. Steve is having pains in his knees and I am just in pain, and itís after 9 so we decide to through in the towel and go home.

Great hunt Jippy but Where Was the SNOW???

Deryl N6AIN