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Jan 28 2005


 The location chosen for the WWNIATT was one that was used on a Pathfinder hunt that no one had been able to find. At that time we had set out three transmitters sprinkled in the area, and the main T (AF6O box 15 element beam) was on top of a hill about 1/8  mile east of El Toro Rd. on Lindell Rd.

This area is great for a T hide, because it only has one legal way in. On the north El Torro used to go all the way to Santa Rosa Mine road. But now is cut off because of new housing development. So the only way in is via the Nichols Rd. exit from the 15 freeway, just north of Lake Ellsinore. It's actually quite a nice area; There are several large ranches and homes that are visible from the T location. There are several roads that bisect the area, but all have either gates or very intimidating signs that essentially tell you if you dare pass that way, you will be shot. Coming up from the 15 freeway, you have to cross two water crossings, that are seasonal and a bit of muddy spots (nothing like what Jippy gets into), and a few ruts.

Deryl, N6AIN got there in three hours from the time he left the start (12:36). We had trouble getting the signal back to the start. We had tried to bounce the signal from some mountains to the east, but no one could hear the signal, so we re positioned the antenna and pointed it at 330 degrees, which apparently got some kind of bounce off of Mt. Gorgonio. (See Mike & Dave\rquote  story). Dave & Mike came in at about 14:30, after spending some time down in Palm Springs? But Jippy never came in. We tried from about 2:30 to 4:30 PM trying to raise Jippy on his cell phone and over the air but were not able to reach him.

 We turned off the transmitter at 16:30 hrs. And drove home. The results are as follows: 
N6AIN with 101.9 miles
K6SNE/IDF had 170 miles
Jippy DNF so I have no miles from him, although I believe that he would of surpassed even Mike & Dave's 170+ miles. It's too bad that more hadn't come out, it was a pleasant day, and as far as a WWNITT goes, it was not too far away and it was indeed a tough one.

Don & Steve KF6GQ & KD6LAJ

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