Results of the October 23rd 2004
Southern California
All Day Transmitter hunt

This was a three transmitter hunt.

The "N6MI T1" transmitter ran 170 watts to a three element quad pointed at Palos Verdes. The QTH was microwave tower about three air miles south of downtown Yucca Valley (at the top of Morongo Canyon). From N6MI T1 site, we had a clear shot to San Gorgonio and San Jacinto. This transmitter was heard at the start point and almost everywhere on route.

The "K6VCR T2" transmitter ran 170 watts to an 11 element yagi pointed west toward the Banning Pass. The QTH was next to the second of five radio sites on Flat Top Mountain, near Palm Springs. This transmitter was also heard at the start point and many places on route.

The "N6MI" tones transmitter ran 1.5 watts to a 5/8 wave whip antenna. The QTH was a short dirt road off of the lower section of Highway 243 (near the Banning airport). One team reported hearing this transmitter at the start point. Only one team drove to Poppet Flats.


KF6GQ/KD6LAJ (169 miles, WINNERS).

WA6TQQ/KC6TNJ/Patti (184.3 miles and first to finish).

N6JF/KG6TES (204 miles, looking better every hunt).

WA6RJN (320.1, solo).


K6SNE found two transmitters and broke his transmission on San Gorgonio.

WB6JPI drove to the Summit Inn (the wrong way), but finally found K6VCR T2 at the end of that long, sandy road.

N6AIN/N6EKS drove around Big Bear, but chose not to sign in to any transmitters.

AF6O gave several bearing reports.

N6ZHZ/KG6CYG, N6IDF checked in on the Sunday morning net on 146.565 MHZ.

The "LOST" hunters did not appear.

N6MI (Scott) and K6VCR (Tom) had a great time, but ate too much over the weekend.

Mike K6SNE's Story
Don KF6GQ / Steve KD6LAJ Story
Ray N6EKS / Deryl N6AIN Have no story.
Haven't Heard from anyone else.