K6SNE's Sad Tale

Started late. Didn't leave the start point until 11:15. Bearings looked like a Gorgonio bounce. Drove to Green River and the bearings still looked like a Gorgonio bounce. Drove to Redlands and the bearings started to look more like they were coming from up hwy 38. So off I go to Gorgonio. Ran into Deryl and Ray coming down from Gorgonio area. They say they found nothing but didn't go all the way to the top.

So I start up the mountain...through the trees, adding attenuation.....into the snow, adding attenuation.....passed the really big rocks in the middle of the snowy road, adding attenuation, now in 4wd. This looks promising, someone has left tracks in the snow.....up the long REALLY STEEP loose rocky snowy road, adding attenuation, 80db worth, now in 4Low....until just before the top of the road, KABOOM! no 4Low....or anything else resembling a connection of the wheels to the engine. Pucker factor now extreme as the Jeep is now in a steady slide back down the trail. Finally get Jeep into reverse and manage to hold t-case in gear with other hand and E-brake yanked to full, and finally get to bottom of steep road safely. Darn no more 4wd....which made getting down the top part of the trail really fun. Thanks gravity!.

OK!, That was fun.........NOT!

So coming to the conclusion that not even Scott and Tom could be crazy enough to hide a T up here I went back down the mountain to check out Coon Creek Jump Off. I should have gone there first as T one and 2 were off in desert. Oh what fun.After getting some food and fuel in Yucaipa I proceeded out the 10 to Palm Springs. On the way I stopped to read the graffiti at T-3. Well At least Suzy likes me. Feeling much better about myself now I sprinted off to find the other Ts. In the "Springs" I heard a 4th T on several occasions. I came to find out it wasn't from this hunt. Finally get to the area of T-2. Edom Hill Dump....Oh Joy. Drove on at least 75 of the 150 roads up the hill. I simply could not crest the steep soft hill without 4wd. Buried the Jeep every time I tried. Got with-in viewing distance of the radio site too. Got sideways on a 50 degree slope trying to get up there. Managed to get out of that little incident without killing myself. Came down the hill and found Bob coming down the other side. We ended up driving back up the way I came and Bob managed to get his beast over the top and signed-in. I made a token effort at T-1, but when I could see that it was some distance off I called it quits. My Jeep and I were so beat up at this point that home looked pretty good.

All-in-all it was a most excellent hunt! Thanks Scott & Tom.

73! Mike K6SNE