May 25th 2013
All Day

Hiders‘s report

I had decided to make this hunt a simple, close-in hunt. Since the areas along Interstate 5 seem to be having fires every week, another area would be a better choice. I planned out a scenario and headed up on Friday. This would be a start anywhere, anytime hunt. When I arrived at the desired road I found it closed for area rehabilitation. Fortunately, I had a Plan B (and a Plan C, D, …). Plan B was Grass Mtn. off of San Francisquito Cyn. near Lake Elizabeth.

I hid two Ts there. The first (sign in T1, IDing T2) ran 30 watts into a horizontal 6-element “coat hanger” beam and was at the top of Grass Mtn. The second one (sign in T2 IDing T1) was nearby on the east side running 4 watts into a whip. I hid two hoping at least one of them would be heard should one fail. From there, T4, T5 and T10 could be heard.

T4 (“find me if you can” T) was a 50mW at the intersection of 7N01 and 7N05. This T could not be heard once you left the top of Grass Mtn but would later appear as you continued along 6N04.

Continuing along 7N05 toward Lake Hughes would bring you to T9 running 50 mW.

From T9 and T5 you could hear T10 to the north. T5 (50 mW) was hid on 7N08 (the road to Burnt Pk)  a little way off of Lake Hughes Rd.

T10 could not be heard in many places but could be heard at various other Ts. It was just west of the microwave facility on a ridge north of Lake Elizabeth on 7N03. This could only be accessed from Lake Elizabeth Rd near Munz Ranch Rd. It was running 50 mW into a horizontal hex beam. Looking at the results, only T10 presented a challenge to the hunters.

The Ts were hid on Friday and picked up on Sunday. I was disappointed that only two hunters were able to participate.


Since the N6AIN/N6EKS team had almost the same mileage but almost half the hunting time, they win.

WB6JPI    T1      T2       T4       T9         T5        T10    Totals      
                 8:36    9:02    9:58    10:21    11:50    2:47    6:11      
                 90.6    90.8    94.6     95.7    109.2    148.1    57.5      
N6AIN/N6EKS    T5        T9         T4          T2      T1         T10     Totals      
           Winners    11:50    1:33      1:42       2:12    2:20       3:34    3:44      
                            109.2   154.1    154.7    157.9    158.2    169.2    60.0    

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