May 24th 2003

All Night Hunt



Hiders: Pete WA6TQQ and Wayne KC6TNJ

Location: Indian Wells Canyon area west of Ridgecrest California

Jippy's Story

Don's KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ's Story

Deryl and Steve N6XFC's Story

David's and Melanie's Story

More from other hunter as they show up..........I hope!

Hiders info:

               Well this it, the long awaited results of the May All Night T hunt.


                7 teams were at the start at 10:00 AM.

                WA6JPI       odo 570.x

                N6XFC / N6AIN    odo 803.x

                N6IDF / KF6GWB  odo 618.x

                N6MI / KE6VCR     odo 871.2

                WA6RJN / KA6KZF odo 024.x

                KF6GQ / KA6LAJ   odo 000.0

                KA6KZZ & son      no odo   ( I Think he was late to SP )


                There were 8 hidden transmitters north and west of the 14 freeway

                and there were 4 hidden transmitters south and east of the 14 freeway

                which if found would deduct 1 Crenshaw unit from the total elapsed

                mileage. They didnít need to be found, the idea was to allow some of

                hunters who though the had poor mileage to maybe improve there

                standing. 1 Crenshaw unit deducted for each of the 4 Tís found that

                were south and east of the 14 freeway.


                The 8 Tís that counted towards the mileage were all around or off Indian

                Wells Canyon road. The main T was at the end of Indian Wells canyon rd.

                in a big rock out cropping, in my ( TQQís ) truck using TNJís 14 element beam

                aimed at Big Bear. The Idea was to bounce off Big Bear and Into the start

                point, I guess that it worked but with a marginal signal. We had placed a T

                on a timer on 147.585 at the top of Butler peak, if we could not make the

                bounce work, we were going to have you QSY to .585 and hunt that and when

                you got to the T at Butler you would most defiantly hear T 1. It turned out that

                the bounce worked, so the Butler T became one of the donít count Tís.


                The other donít count Ts were, well one was on 178 at two water tanks between

                Inyo-Kern and Ridgecrest, then one was in the parking lot of the Motel that we

                were staying the night at. Then there was one across the road from AF6Oís new house

                in Pinion Hills.


                The winner is the team of N6MI and KE6VCR having found all 8 transmitters north and

                west of the 14. N6XFC thought that sense they didnít find all the Tís before daybreak

                that it shouldnít count, I took this under advisement, but decided that they were the only

                team that stayed around to find all the Tís and there being no real precedent to the contrary

                that indeed  they were the winners. The team of N6AIN and N6XFC were second with a

                total of 5 Tís (1,2,3,4&8), WA6JPI was 3rd in the ranking, RJN was 4th and GQ were 5th.

                N6IDF / KF6GWB and KA6KZZ & son were both DNF. N6IDF and  KF6GWB bailed

                because of illness and I have no info on KA6KZZ.


                I should tell you all that we took down the main T because I was going to try and go to Loma

                Linda Hospital, and Wayneís car  was having ďweird mechanical problemsĒ due to different

                tire sizes, so we want to take my truck.


                The reason for this was my partner Ron had walked into the propeller on, I thought at the time

                our Gyro Copter, and I was Envisioning missing parts of Ron. It turned out that all the parts were

                there, and it wasnít my Gyro Copter but our instructors, smaller motor and prop. Ron was cut on

                the shoulder forearm and fingers. The most serious problem seem to be that his index finger on

                left hand is broken and Ron is doing well and back to work. We actually never maid it to Loma

                Linda that night, I decided that after TNJ broke his window and his right side view mirror that it

                was best to go to Ridgecrest and go to bed before anything else happened.


                So that's the story. I would be interested in any comments on our idea about the ďdonít

                count TísĒ and if you like the idea or think it a bad idea. I always try to add a little

                something new nowadays, something to get more hunters involved.


                By the way I drove all the roads in 2 wheel drive without a problem, Wayne was also able

                to do so, until the flat tire by T no. 3, it seems Wayneís spare was bigger and having one tire

                bigger confused the automatic 4 wheel drive and it wanted to be in 4 wheel all the time, when

                a bigger tire was purchased so that we had two bigís on the back and two smalls on the front

                it made the truck not want to work at all at speeds above 50mph. We had to remove the

                fuse and deactivate the electricís that operated the 4X4 system on the truck so Wayne could

                get home.


                Wayne is now in Galveston TX or on his way to New Orleans on a vacation, with ultimate

                destination of Florida.


                That's it from the ďHuntmastersĒ WA6TQQ & KC6TNJ