Most of us live in the Greater LA area.   A few hunters come from San Diego, Santa Barbara & the High Desert. Our group consists of well-known leaders consisting of a NASA Astronaut, Lawyers, Food Manufacture, University Professor, Clothing Manufacture, Aeronautical & Electronic  Engineers Carpenters, Network Engineers & Technicians. Web Designers, Emergency Services Active and Retired Military Family Men and Women and much more.  We are all Amateur Radio enthusiasts, Who (I dare to say) enjoy Transmitter Hunting.

QST Magazine said, We have the hardest T-Hunts in the Country, & The Mother of all T-Hunts.

Each of us brings a unique talent to our sport.   Our sport takes us places people only have heard of dream about or don't know of.   We are not an official group with a leadership and structure just a bunch of Ham's who get together every weekend.   We do not have a set of rules just common sense. Our adopted philosophy is.   No Rules, No Boundaries, No Complaints & No Clues.

Enjoy our web site & if you have any questions feel free to email us

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