NOVEMBER 26, 1989
                      THE GREAT DOUBLE HUNT

    The intent of this hunt is to show that a clever concept can provide an
entertaining hunt without ever leaving the Los Angeles basin. The hide is
 One transmitter is located in a secluded beach below the cliffs at point
dume. The low power transmitter operates into a 13 element beam pointed
at PV and would give a bearing from the starting point out through the Santa Ynez
mountains and up to San Luis Obispo and on up the coast. The transmitter
cannot be heard from Highway 1 as you go by due to the cliffs, the beam and the
low power.
A second transmitter located on the beach at Palos Verdes, hidden from
the start point by cliffs and with a 16 element beam pointed at Point
Dume. It will eventually bring the hunters back from SLO. The region around the Point
Dume transmitter is saturated by the PV transmitter and the region around the PV
transmitter is saturated by the Point dume transmitter. The region between the
transmitters where they would be of equal strength and compete is over
water in Santa Monica Bay. Both antenna point out across water at the other one
with only a few feet of beach accessible. Both transmitters are operated remotely
such that the transmit exactly the same information on exactly the same
The 220 MHz remote control is located in Malibu in a RV Park, complete
with hot food and swimming pool.

Radio Things to bring:

220 ant 7 el
220 ant 6 el
220 ant mag mnt
ICOM 37a (3) two modified for CORs
Kenwood Tr 2500 (2)
Kenwood 2500 moble mount
TR 2500 battery modified for 12 volt
car battery (2)
RV battery (2)
battery chargers (2)
kenwood 220 handheld and batteries and charger
500 ft RG 59 coax
coax connectors (10)
adapters to bnc (6)
2mtr ant 16 el.
2mtr ant 13 el
2mtr ant mag mnt
Kenwood tr 7950
spare 7950 mike
clothes poles (4)
Zooky black boxes (2)
Black box keys (4)
Tape players (2)
timer box
tape player power supply
c batteries (10)
noise tape (2)

Special tools beyond those normally carried in Motor home:

Soldering iron
shrink sleeving
diagonal pliers (2)
long nose (2)
soldering gun
wire strippers
pointy thing for unraveling coax braid
hair dryer
digital voltmeter
dummy load/watt meter
12 v ps (2)
green wire
yellow wire
rtv goo
big hammer for pounding clothes poles
100 & 50 ft extension cords