Pathfinder Hunts

Winners of the November 14th 2020 Pathfinder hunt and hider of the December 12th 2020 hunt is:

( Ron WA6 CYY) "Do to none response from the hunters when Ron asked for
a list of hunters, there will not be a Pathfinder Hunt in December this year.
Ron has said there will be an unofficial T (WA6CYY T99) on the air at 6 pm
for those that don't get the word or just MUST have a hunt.

Start point: Ronald Reagan Park at Pathfinder Rd
             and Peaceful Hills Rd in Diamond Bar
Start Time : 7:30 PM on the Second Saturday of every month
Boundaries : 10 Freeway and Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica East on 10 Freeway to 405 Freeway North on 405 Freeway to 101 Freeway East on 101 freeway to 134 Freeway East on 134 Freeway to 2 Freeway North on 2 freeway to 210 Freeway East on 210 to Highway 2 North on Highway 2 to National Forest Boundary East on National Forest Boundary to 215/15 Freeway Junction South on 215 Freeway to Highway 74 South on Highway 74 to Orange County Line South on Orange County Line to Pacific Ocean in San Clemente

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