Jippy's Field Day Hunt
June 22nd 2002

Hiders: Jippy WB6JPI

It seams Jippy just had to hid something, and I just had to hunt something. Bob did a good job hiding but I didn't do so well at finding.
This is his story:

There were two of them. One was running "WB6JPI T 2" beddledebeep on a 30 second repeat. The other was running about the same thing on a 45 second repeat and longer beedles. They are about 5 miles apart by air. They both were line of site to the start, both were H-pol.
The 45 sec one (T1) was 100 mW into 1/2 wave rubber duck horiz pol located at the locked gate of the Children's Forest on Keller peak road (1N96). The other one (T2) was an AF6O box running 3 watts into a 1/2 rubber duck about 1/2 mile south of the 1N09 and 1N16 about 3000 ft under Keller and 5 miles SW. The PV repeater took 50 dB of attenuation from both spots on the car beam so I assumed it would be good at the start. T2 came on a 9AM and T1 at 10:05 AM. The inversion layer was fierce Saturday. At 8 AM there was no marine layer and no sign of an inversion, but by 10:30 I couldn't even see saddleback for the smog layer.


As for me:
I found NOTING, NOTHING, NOTHING. I did do allot of driving around highway 330 and 18. I even tried to get to Keller peak but couldn't find the right road. I have been told there is a paved one going there but I couldn't find it.

Deryl N6AIN

I did hear something on the 91 going east.
I received this from David N6IDF:
I had a T running about 5 watts thru a 13b2 for about 12 hours on Saturday.... No one found me though.. Could have been because of all the idiots on the frequencies calling CQ!
David N6IDF