December 9th 2006
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ

From Cathy and Bob:
Boundaries or no boundaries, we came, we hunted, we conquered. 

Thank you to THE BOARD for the early release of KF6GQ.  We need all the T-hunters we can get out on the hunts.

KD6CYG and N6ZHZ found the two mini Ts (we didn't pay attention to silly things like boundaries or rules), and a police helicopter found us.  As it started to rain, they took off, and we weren't bothered by anybody else.  DWL & MJU also found the two mini-T's.  They did not sign in with mileage.  As Bob and I did, (67.7 total) I guess that means we officially won the Pathfinder.  We have no objection to hiding within the new boundaries.  Opens up more hiding places.


The Ts where somewhere in the middle, South and west of Perris Vallley Airport

You can see Don's BOUNDARY line here.

A Close up of the area.