November 8, 2008


Two transmitters, T1 hidden on the eastern slope of Chino Hills and T2  in the Santa Ana river bottom in Norco. T1 was a 3 watt PicCon into a 10 element beam pointed at Mt. Baldy (38 degrees T) with care to keep it shielded from the start and the intersection of the 60 and 71 Fwys. (where a major decision is usually made to go away from Baldy). It was located at the end of Vista Del Sol, 33 58.695 -117 45.668. T2 was a 1 watt PicCon into a 4 element beam pointed at T1 (292 deg T). It was located in a very sandy small turnout on River Road, 33 55.478 -117 35.951. Both Ts were vertical.

T1 was heard at the start as a Baldy Bounce. T2 was not heard at the start although it was Doppler available at T1, It was not Doppler heard again until about 3 miles away, so it would have been a hard Doppler hunt although none of the hunters used Doppler.

Three teams participated. They all found both transmitters. They found the first transmitter before I got back from dinner. They were all there waiting (I am not too sure what they were waiting for).


CALL                            T1                   T2

N6MJN                   13.0   8:33      27.2   9:21   WINNER

N6ZHZ/KD6CYG  18.4   8:28      45.0   9:37

KF6GQ                   19.3   8:34      33.7   9:22