Pathfinder Results
October 13th 2001
Hider: Mike K6SNE

T-1 was located at the intersection of Kramer & Dillow in the Little Saigon Area of Westminister. Transmitter was horizontal and running continusly changing power levels between 20 milliwatts and 20 watts.
T-2 was located on the campus of the Santa Ana College Television Studio, which is located in the middle of Centennial Park, Santa Ana. The transmitter was a vertical mini-t running 300 milliwatts. It seems that eveyone enjoyed the large and roudy crowd at the fair that was in progress in the park. Fun was had by all!

Results: Total miles to both T's 1. KF6GQ 28.0 Winner! 2. N6MJN/N6XFC 28.3 3. KA6KZZ et al 29.9 4. N6AIN/N6PYE 31.05 5. N6ZHZ 38.9 6. KF6DBJ Unof. thanks for coming out Greg! Crenshaws were not a factor. 73! de K6SNE