October 9th, 2010
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: Richard N6UZS
Location: At the end of Dana Strand Rd. at Dana Point.

Dana Point

Since ZHZ was off playing in the desert and needed a volunteer to hide I
stepped up to the plate because I was bored and thought it would be FUN.
Drove around for most of Saturday to various South County locations only
to find lots of signage indicating the "area" was closed at Sunset or
other parking restrictions.

Finally settled on the Dana Point Headlands as I had scoped out this area
last year after construction was finished on Selva Road and a new
trailhead opened up to the beach below. First tried the low part of the
road that had a GREAT shot at Catalina but couldn't get any bounce back
to the start.

Moved to the higher dead end where I could see what I thought was
Santiago Peak in the distance when in fact it was Mt. Baldy! So we
pointed "that way" and still NOTHING heard at the start point. Frustrated
I tried my backup radio and another antenna to no avail. After a 1/2 hour
of testing we pretty much gave up on getting the signal "there" and threw
out a bearing window of 150-170 to go on.

Around 8pm we called AIN who was at Culver/I-5 and reported NO signal
from there....started to worry even more....turns out poor Deryl's BNC
connector was shorted out from the very start where it turns out Dave and
Jippy could hear me JUST FINE but never seemed to tell AIN about it.

OK here's the results:
MJN...44.1 miles....8:45pm ***Sorry Dave but WINNER!***
AIN/PYE...55.6 miles...9:50pm
JPI....68.7 miles....10:30pm

Hope everyone enjoyed the hunt.

73 n6uzs