N6MJN/N6XFC and WD6ESZ/KB6SRT were unofficial teams both starting from the Costa Mesa area at 8pm. ESZ/SRT team were finally talked into the tee at 12:45am. They had bypassed the tee and ended up on Mt.Wilson Road and Hwy 2. Due to the ARRL Convention this weekend in Riverside participation was at an all-time low of 2 hunters for this hunt. We need MORE hunters out there. WB6ADC/KB6NYW were using a 13 elem. yagi in verti-zontal mode with about 3 watts. The beam was aiming east right into the side of some power lines and towards the west flank of Mt. Wilson. This caused enough reflections from Wilson to Azusa Canyon to confuse ME/LOR team into driving over to Dixie Canyon Road off Muhulland Drive in the Hollywood Hills chasing bounces.


CALL           ENDING

N6AIN/N6EKS     38.1 miles **Winner**

KK6ME/KD6LOR    63.7 miles

73 Richard N6UZS.