Results for the Second Saturday (Pathfinder) Transmitter Hunt, Sept. 12, 1998


Vince (WA6DLQ) and I (WA6PYE) hid a single transmitter running two watts into a four element beam antenna pointed at the hills on the north east side of the 91 freeway in Corona. Little did we know that the signal would seem to bounce over those hills and give a reflection to the West Side of mount baldy? Most hunters went north. Dave (N6MJN) and Steve (N6XFC) came over Grand and got a blip off toward Corona. They played the hunch, which was correct and found us southeast of the 91/15 freeway junction on Laurel Canyon parked up against a rock cliff. See page 773 on the San Bernardino / Riverside County Thomas Guide. As you can see from the results below, the other teams went other places.



CALL               MILES    TIME

N6MJN / N6XFC 26.0 8:00 PM

N6MI / AF6O 61.75 9:40 PM

WB6ADC / N6UZS 103.0 10:50 PM

Crenshaw factors need not be applied!

Thanks for coming out on the hunt,

Steve (WA6PYE)

Vince (WA6DLQ)