September 12th 2009
Pathfinder Transmitter

Hiders: Deryl N6AIN and Steve WA6PYE

Where: The east side of Oakridge Dr near Green River Rd in Corona.

Things did not go well to start with. The original T didn't work when I turned it on. Just spit out a short tone every 30 seconds, then nothing. I had to replace it with a standby T. The stand by T was very weak even standing next to it. After inspecting I discovered It was on the wrong frequency. Got it back on channel and closed up the box. When I turned the key switch to start it again, the switch broke. Had to open up the box again and bypass the switch.

With the transmitter now operating I checked to see if it could be heard at the Start Point. ... NO!!! Ended up having PYE talk on a high power radio from the vehicle. They could hear that. After about 20 minutes Dave informed us that they could now hear the T box so PYE could stop talking. I will say no more about this.
Deryl N6AIN


Calls          Miles   Time
N6ZHZ/KD6CYG   Unoff   9:30 PM
N6MJN          41.0    9:35 PM
WB6JPI         50.8    9:55 PM 

N6ZHZ/KD6CYG   Unoff   9:20 PM
WB6JPI         52.0   10:09 PM
N6MJN          41.1   10:10 PM

The Winner is Dave N6MJN