August 13th 2011
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: Bob WB6JPI
Where: Riverside.

The one transmitter was hidden on Calle Hermosa Road along side the Sunnyslope drainage channel in Riverside. (n33 58.662 w117 25.144). This dirt road is a bout 1/4 mile long and curved just enough to have a center that was not visible frm either end. It is wide eonough for one car and most maps show it as a deadend roadf but it isn't.

The transmitter was 30 watts feeding an 16 element antenna pointed at Keller peak near Running Springs. The signal was heard at the Pathfinder start with a bearing like 40 to 70 degrees. (I had hoped that the bearing would be 30-40 degrees and all would wander up north before the 15 fwy and miss the direct path until well into the north east end of the range. Once past the 15 fwy it was fairly easy to get the direct path  The shortest path was to go directly east using Grand avenue and other streets to get  thru Chino and then it was easy. 26 miles.

Deryl/Steve almost did this and was in in an hour and 6 minutes. Dave took a while longer (an hour and a half longer) and he walked in from Rio being afraid of the narrow road and having to back out if it was wrong. Ron was able to get to the area but was still 5 miles off when I shut the transmitter down. I couldn't raise him on 565 and thought he had gone home.

Dave and I had a slice of good at Denny's

N6AIN/WA6PYE     32.1 miles  8:35 PM    WINNER
N6MJN                      37.5 miles  10.05
WA6CYY                   DNF