OK Guys (that includes AIN, PYE/DLQ, and GCT) whats the deal with all the dropping out lately? Well I give N6AIN 10 Style Points for telling ZHZ/CYG to tell us he was dropping out because he had someone to pickup at LAX at midnight. I give 5 points to WB6GCT for coming out after a long abscence from hunting and at least trying a Pathfinder. I give (minus)-10 points to WA6DLQ/WA6PYE team (sorry guys) for throwing in the towel only 2 hours into a Pathfinder hunt. And I give 20 points to Bob and Cathy who stuck it out for a WHOLE HOUR in the area of Tee 2 off Mountain Ave and the San Antonio Dam.

By the way Vince there was ZERO signs of any kind near this tee and it was completely accessible by foot about 250 above the road on a narrow, unmarked fire road. No snakes, no coyotes, no dumping!

Congrats to Bob and Cathy for being the winners by default this month. Kinda sounds like the previous Pathfinder in June doesnt it?

Locations of the tees: T1 = 2 milliwatt tee hanging in a tree up a narrow dirt road. This runs west off Brea Canyon Rd just south of Via Sorella in Diamond Bar and up into the hills. Antenna was a small wire. This tee was almost in line with Mt. Baldy. (Tried for a fake Baldy Bounce)

T2 = 2 Watt tee on a 4 elem. quad 250 ft. above and 100 feet east of Mountain Avenue in Upland. Best access from the wide dirt turnout across the street from the access road to the dam. Tee was beaming through the power lines that gave DLQ so much grief. Lines were about 200 yards south of tee. (Also tried for a fake bounce..darn!)

T3 = OK nobody found this one except 2 unofficial teams of K0OV and KJ6HZ. Located at the SAME parking in the northeast section of the Long Beach Marina that WB6ADC hid in about 7 months ago. Unfortunately nobody could really hear his tee at the start point since it was only 2 watts on a 13 elem yagi at sea level.

T4 = This was the 4th and optional tee to locate running 5 milliwatts into a wire J-pole located on the west side of Mountain and across from T2 about 300 feet.

Quick results of who found what:

N6ZHZ/CYG      T1, T2, T4(optional)       48.0 miles total, last tee 11:30pm

N6AIN          T1 with 1.75 miles,        Dropped out at 10pm

WA6DLQ/PYE     T1 with 2.2 miles,         Dropped out at 10pm

WB6GCT...DNF on all tees.                 Dropped out at 10pm or so.

KJ6HZ and K0OV were unofficial to T3 in the Long Beach Marina.

So as it turned out at least 3 or 4 of the transmitters were heard at the start point. Thanks to those of you who came out and even those who had to quit early. WE UNDERSTAND! ;) hihi.
73 Richard N6UZS