Results for the 2nd Saturday (Pathfinder) Transmitter Hunt, July 11th, 1998

Hiders: Vince (WA6DLQ) and Steve (WA6PYE)

Vince (WA6DLQ) and I (WA6PYE) could not remember a Pathfinder hunt where the transmitter had been hidden in Carbon Canyon. At least in recent times. Carbon Canyon is not one of the usual places for this hunt because of its proximity to the start point and it's relatively perpendicular path to a barring from the pathfinder start point. It was our hope that hunters would think we were out toward Lake Mathews. Some hunters did, but none of them made it out that far.

Don (KF6GQ), after driving over Grand Ave. realized that the signal couldn't be coming from Lake Mathews because it would be impossible to get a signal to the start point and not be able to hear it at the crest on Grand before you get to Chino Hills Parkway. At that intersection he decided to turn east on Chino Hills Parkway and eventually arrived at the hidden "T" which was hidden on a street above and east of the fire station in Carbon Canyon. The name of the street was Fox Hunt Dr.

Clark (WB6ADC) also thought that we might be hidden at Lake Mathews so he proceeded south on the 57 and then east on the 91. When he got to the intersection of the 91 and the 71 it became clear that we were not out Lake Mathews way.

Deryl (N6AIN) and Ray (N6EKS) looked for us even closer in than where we were. Going up and down the 57 freeway, Deril checked out Toner Canyon, to be sure the road was still closed, and I guess a few other places before he decided we were further out and came up Carbon Canyon.

Clark always talks about "beginners luck". This may have been the case as Don had a first time ride along on his team, Garry.


Call         Time             Miles

KF6GQ        8:05 PM          11.20   (WINNER)

WB6ADC       9:10 PM          38.20

N6AIN        8:30 PM          48.15

N6MJN        8:15 PM          UNOFFICIAL

N6YKE        8:31 PM          UNOFFICIAL

 Thanks for coming out, 

 Steve (WA6PYE)