July 9th 2016
Pathfinder Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Glenn AB6PA, Bill KG6EEK, and Ryan

The hide location was 33°46'27.13"N, 118°12'29.93"W in the parking lot at the southwest corner of Pico and Pier C Street in Long Beach.

Hunt results:

Call                        Time      Miles

N6AIN/WA6PYE                8:56        52.6 
N6MJN                       9:06        34.0 
N6ZHZ                       9:25        53.3 
WB6JPI                      9:58        60.3 
WA6CYY                     10:34        72.2 


The winner is Dave N6MJN with 34 miles.


After the hunt we went to Denny’s in Long Beach, left there around midnight.  
Then I took KG6EEK (Bill) and Ryan home to Yorba Linda. Partly due to the 91
being closed at the 215, I got back to Moreno Valley around 0200. 73, Glenn (AB6PA)