July 8 2017
Transmitter Hunt

T1 was on the Bedford Motor Way (33°46'14.32"N, 117°32'49.46"W) in the Cleveland National Forest at about 3223 feet elevation.

T2 was on the Bedford Motor Way (33°47'42.03"N, 117°32'15.48"W) in the Cleveland National Forest on the way up to T1 at around 2130 feet elevation.

T1 was not my planned location.  It was a bit further up the road where the Bedford Motor Way meets the Main Divide Rd.  But the 2 wheel drive couldn’t handle the loose rocks about a quarter mile further up the hill.  So I went back down to where T1 ended up with a clear shot at Mt. Baldy.

While waiting for the hunters to arrive I talked with a couple folks going down the hill.  One said they came up from Santiago Canyon, the other had come up Indian Truck Trail.


Calls           Miles     Time
WA6CYY          56        10:57 pm
WB6JPI          DNF

So the clear winner as determined by the hiding team is Ron WA6CYY.