June 12th Pathfinder






1,2,3 Winner








WB6ADC and N6UZS on a current "winning" streak as of late hid this months Pathfinder hunt in the San Clemente area. After a dry spell for the past several months of "really good" sniff hunts we decided to make the hunters take a walk this time out.

T1 aka "The Big Kahuna" was situated atop the hills in San Clemente at an elevation of 800 feet above sea level. It was approximately 1/4 mile southwest of the San Clemente Peak radio facility on Avenida Salvador and just north of Vista Valinda. T1 ran 1 watt into a vertical 4 element quad. Map page 993 B-4.

T2 was located a 1/2 mile southwest and below T1 about 500 feet on Avenida Presidio just south of Calle Cortez. This was a 1 mw GQ box into a horizontal dipole situated next to the road in the brush. Easy access was obtained via a rough, weed covered dirt power line road about 100 below Presidio. The T was secured to one of the guy wire metal anchors that go into the ground just beneath a light pole. Page 993 A-4.

T3 was at the dead end of Camino Los Padres just east of Street of the Golden Lantern in Laguna Niguel. This was another GQ box running 5 mw into a horizontal dipole. Best access was from the end of Camino Los Padres and then down a narrow 6 inch wide horse trail about 125 yards where the T was secured to a small tree sapling. This T gave the hunters the hardest time due to the lack of direct roads to it and several reflections from the hills east of the 5 and Junipero Serra Road. Best access from the I-5 was to exit at Avery, go west to Camino Capistrano, north to Paseo De Colinas, and then west to Golden Lantern. The other access was from further south at Ortega Highway west to Del Obispo and Golden Lantern. Page 952 A-5.

Unofficial teams:

KD6SNE....Drove by T2, T3 and checked into T1 at 10:10pm. Started at home in the Santa Ana Canyon.

N6ZHZ/CYG...Also drove by T3 then found T1 at 11:40pm and went home. Started in Riverside County after 7pm.

Hope everyone enjoyed the hunt.

73 Richard N6UZS.