Amateur Radio Transmitter hunt for June 12,2004
Hider: N6MJN

The Plan - Intent

T-1 was located at my sister's and brother-in-law's furniture store (, behind the building in the bed of a trailer in Orange running two watts into a 5/8 vertical antenna and was intended to draw the hunters south. T-2 located on Workman Mills Road east of Peck Rd. in the City of Industry running 1/2 watt into a 4 element quad in my truck pointed at Mount Baldy reflecting back to the start point for a northern bearing. A bearing North and South, which way do you go !

Reality Bites

The hunters at the start point reported not hearing T-1, so I don't know if the programming in the AF6O TX worked or not, but then Don said he could here it on ssb pointed north (how could that be !), so no one went after T-1 from the start. To make things more exciting, I decided to drive my truck (T-2) around the dirt parking lot making the signal more erratic for the hunters. After about 10 minutes I parked closer to the main road and 10 minutes later all of the hunters started pouring in. I have hidden in the same location before and it has taken the first hunter an hour to find me, most going northeast to Upland before discovering it's a bounce. Another hidden T not working as planed. PYE threatened to shoot me for hiding in the place I have hidden in before (the hunter must be bored, what am I going to do!) I told all of the hunter about T-1 and that they need to find it too, but MELOR in his 'layed back style' said "I'll thing about it".


After talking to Don about Windows XP for ten minutes I shut down and pack up T-2 and head off to T-1's location. Driving south on interstate 5 just south of the 91 fwy. I start hearing T-1 (by concern about it not working is over), but it's Iding at "N6MJT" then "N6MJI" then N6MJ"and sometimes "N6MJN"(why wrote that software, Bill Gates ?). Apond arriving at T-1 I see Leonard scaling the block wall between the furniture store and the Bank just having found T-1 in the trailer. I looked over the block wall and there stood Deryl and Steve. Deryl said that he saw Jippy in the area so I thought I would wait for Jippy to arrive, but then not, we went to Norm's. My original plan for hiding required two people and with XFC off to boys camp with his kids I referred to plan B, sorry for the short hunt but that's the way 'mop flops'

T-1 information
Location - 233 N. Tustin Street, City of Orange; Transmitter - AF6O-T about 2 watts; Antenna 5/8 wave vertical

T-2 information
Location - Workman Mill Road just east of Peck Road in the City of Industry; Transmitter -Icom 02AT (low power setting); Antenna 4 element quad horizontal polarized


Call Time Mileage Comments
N6IDF-KF6GWV-Friend 8:55 42.8 Been Here Before
K6SNE 9:04 45.7 U OWE ME A PEN
N6AIN-WA6PYE-KG6RQQ 9:23 52.3  
WB6JPI-WC9W 9:42 50.7  
Call Time Mileage Comments
K6SNE 8:00 12.9 UH - OK
N6IDF-KF6GWV-Friend 8:01 13.8 Easy
KF6QG 8:01 18.0  
MELOR 8:04 7160.3 Start 7145.0
N6AIN-WA6PYE-KG6RQQ 8:05 13.5  
WB6JPI-WC9W 8:10 15.2