June 11th 2016
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: Dave N6MJN
Location: 34 06 30.84N 118 15 38.26W
Riverside Drive between Fletcher drive and Glendale Blvd.
Silver Lake area of Los Angeles 

5 watts in 4 element Quad antenna, horizontally polarized
pointed toward Mt. Wilson (Jippy & Glen reported a perfect reflection 
driving all the way to the edge of the Forest Boundaries in Altadena)

sheet
call sign	Time	Mileage     Comments
N6AIN/WA6PYE	8:49	59.1	     Deja vu !
WB6JPI		9:42	50.4
AB6PA/KG6EEK	9:52	50.3
N6ZHZ/KK6JDC	11:05	68.7

WINNER is AB6PA/KG6EEK !!! unless Jippy files a complaint to the BOARD !