June 11th 2011
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Dave N6MJN
Where was he hiding:  Messenia Ln, Perris (Cajalo Expy and 215 Fwy).

The T was running 65 watts into an eleven element yagi horizontally polarized pointed at Mount Baldy till 8:00 pm then at Lake Mathews.

Callsign/Team            Mileage    Time-in
N6ZHZ                       80.70          9:50 pm
N6AIN / WA6PYE    86.60           9:55 pm
WA6CYY                   DNF

The winner is Bob N6ZHZ.
Seems the hunters spent most of the evening chasing reflections. The shortest route is 42 miles.
Dave N6MJN