Results of the June 8th
2002 Pathfinder Hunt

The main T was located in the most North West portion of the hunt boundries. It was on the eastern end of Forest Green Dr. In the city of La Canada Flintridge. I was using my Ft-230R running at low power (<1watt) into my 4 el T-Hunt beam, that was vertical polarized, and was pointed at the ridge line across the Canyon. This pulled some of the hunters up on the Altadena side of the Arroyo Seco Canyon. Some tried to convince the guards at JPL that there was a hidden T at their site.
The second T (Snake) running 5mw. into a vertical dipole, was hidden on Highland drive just where it becomes Linda Vista, next to the 210 frwy. It was hidden on the hillside up a few steps off the road. This T could be heard any where North of the Rose Bowl. Now for the results.

The Results:

1. N6AIN / WA6PYE got to the main T at 9:15pm with a total miles of 47.7 

   Found Snake at 8:47pm.

2. K6SNE came in at 9:55pm with 104.7 on his meter. 

   Found Snake at 9:11pm.

3. N6IDF / KF6GWV found us at 9:59pm (no mileage).

4. N6XFC found the T at 10:05pm with 43.7 miles. Winner

   Found Snake T at 9:30pm.

5. KK6ME / KD6LOR  came into the T site at 10:55pm with 101.9 miles. 

   Found Snake T at 10:30pm.

So it would seem that N6XFC, who didn't have a naviguesser with him,
was able to pull this hunt off and win it.
Thanks all for coming out on the hunt, Don & Steve (LAJ)