May 13th 2006
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: N6ZHZ Bob and KD6CYG Cathy

Hiding Place: Norco, Corona Area, near the west end of McCarty Rd, just north west of Prado Basin Park and just north of some radio towers.

ON May 13th, 4 teams started at Pathfinder to find N6ZHZ and KD6CYG (occasionally known as the Baldy Bouncers), and got -- you guessed it -- a Baldy Bounce. Cleverly hidden in a northwest corner of Corona, N6ZHZ and KD6CYG were right at the end of a road by the closed gates to a paintball facility. It was down low and there was a nice little burm shielding us to the south. The transmitter was 1 watt through a 4-elephant beam, perched in its usual spot atop the truck. We got the varying power effect by having Cathy casually roate the beam whenever and wherever she felt like pointing it. This apparently worked quite well, until we talked with Deryl on the phone and he could no longer hear the T down by Lake Elsinore. So we left it pointing back at Baldy (or Cucamonga Peak -- it was dark by then) and that helped the hunters.

The Froggy T was only a few dozen yards away up through a little eucalyptus grove on top of the burm to the south. All who found it walked to it, adding no additional mileage. We thank all who came out, and will see you on the next hunt! 73's, Bob and Cathy N6ZHZ and KD6CYG
Calls               Miles             Time             Time
KF6GQ and KD6LAJ:   28.6 mi.    T1 at 8:48 PM    T2 at 8;58 PM
WA6DWL and MJU      42.7 mi.    T1 at 8:38 PM    T2 at 8:50 PM
N6AIN and WA6PYE    67.3 mi.    T1 at 9:10 PM    T2 at 9:23 PM
N6JF -- DNF although he gave it a gallant try.