Results of the April 13th
2002 Pathfinder Hunt

This was a "Three Dam Hunt"! The first T (or last) was hidden up at San Antonio Dam, at the mouth of Mt. Baldy Canyon. It was hid on the east side of the road, up a trail a bit. It would take a bit of sniffing to locate it. The Next T was hidden in the San Gabriel River bottom, just above another Dam (sluiceway). About 50' away was a Mini-T running in time with the main T. It was on 1 sec sooner that the main T, but was missed by all hunters (I will use this trick again). The Fourth T was West of the 605, south of the 210, on the flood control dam, next to City of Hope. By the way both of these T's where accessible by legal means, but all of the hunter went through a accessible cut in the fence. The fifth T was the "Snake" T, which was on a pedestrian overpass in Duarte.

The Results:

CoH=City of Hope



N6AIN/WA6PYE    54.1 to four transmitters 

N6XFC/N6MJN     59.6 to four 

KD6LOR/KK6ME    64.6+ to three transmitters CoH & Snake

N6ZHZ/KD6CYG    68.7 to two Coh & Snake

N6UZS           45.0 to One at San Antonio Dam

K6SNE           ?? Wasn't able to sign in at any.

Bob & Cathy 23.1 miles for Snake! It was only .83 miles from other!.
It looks like PYE & AIN are the whiners and will hide the next Pathfinder hunt.

Thanks to all that came out.
Don & Steve KF6GQ & KD6LAJ