April 10th 2010
Pathfinder Hunt

Hiders: Steve WA6PYE and Deryl N6AIN

Where: The main Transmitter was in N6AIN's vehicle, parked in front of Steves Home in Carona at 10326 Wagonroad W
just off Temescal Canyon Rd. A second T was at the gate to his front door, with a note inviting hunters in.


N6MJN   at 8:44 PM   with 38.1 miles
N6ZHZ   at 9:15 PM   didn't make it to the start point

N6ZHZ  The only one to find The second T

Don KF6GQ call in to say he was droping out. He was on the wrong side of the hill and had driven up Medjeska Canyon rd where the signal disapeared.

Dave had found the main T and sniffed around a little but had to leave to meet his nephew for dinner.

Because Bob N6ZHZ was the only one to find both Ts, He was declared the winner.
Deryl N6AIN