April 10th 2004
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: Steve KD6LAJ

I wanted to hide two transmitters, and sought out some help for the hide. All requests for assistance were rebuffed with excuses like, "I will be in another state for Easter...", and "I will be at the races.", and "I will be at my nieces baptism.", and so on. After working 8 hours in Baldwin Park, I loaded the charged batteries up, loaded up some antennas, mast, backup everything... etc. Then I was determined to get a decent signal back to the start, so we could all have a little break in the string of ongoing complaints.  Lacking any helpers, I decided up high would be the safest with a  guarantee of signal at the start point.  I decided to head for Upland.  (They call it Upland since it is UP from everywhere else near it.)  Decided to check a map, and find a couple of spots.

Some time later, when I awoke from the unintended nap (brought on my going to work 6 days a week at 4 AM) I was in a little panic.  It was now after 6PM, so I jumped in the car, drove slightly illegally to Upland and headed for the park up Mountain Ave.  It was up high, and just below the Dam and in bounds by a couple of miles.  I parked across the street and unloaded some gear and climbed the hill as quickly as possible.  It was now 9 minutes to hunt time.

I put the beam together and mounted the mast on the fence with bungee cords. Connected the now-too-short coax to the ammo box, and let it rip.  I really should have brought along an HT so I could check the signal.  Hiked back to the car again and called the start point.  No answer, so used my Boss's cell phone to call and confirm signal reception.  When I got bad signal report, I decided to replace transmitter with backup, even though it seemed to be working.

Now there was no time to get the other transmitter to its location, and on the air in time.  I drove a ways from the location, but then gave it all up
and just returned to the first location instead.  I had suddenly had thoughts of the bomb squad deciding to remove my ammo box from within close
proximity of the municipal water supply by abrupt release of energy.  When I returned, two teams had already found it.  The others arrived in quick
succession, and another short hunt was in the history books.  Everyone should have been able to arrive home in time to get up early and hide (or
find) some Easter eggs.

Finders, in order of finding: CALLS MILEAGE TIME in N6ZHZ / KD6CYG UNOFF 7:30PM N6XFC / N6MJN 27.2 7:55PM WA6DWL / K6MJU 21.0 8:10PM WINNERS! N6IDF / KF6GWV 26.7 8:15PM K6SNE 25.3 8:16PM N6AIN/WA6PYE/KG6RQQ 27.1 8:25PM

(Mileages and arrival times were changed to protect the guilty, and punish the innocent.)