Results of the March 13th 1999 Pathfinder T-Hunt


This month's Pathfinder was held in and around the Los Angeles Harbor area. There were three transmitters for the hunters to find.

Transmitter 1 was a 20mw Racon tone box remotely controlled by the hiders. This box was located on an small turnout/overpass near the entrance of the Terminal Island container termnal, in the city San Pedro. The tee was chained to a guardrail and hung over the side to hang horizontally polarized about 30 feet above the road. The tone sequence was occaisionally changed by the hiders as hunters closed in.

Transmitter 2, the HO HO HO tee was located at the end of pier F and consisted of a 340mw MCW t-box set for 10 seconds on / 20 seconds off. This was the "get you there" tee and was attached to a 4 element horizontal yagi and directed at the start point. It was also pointed at an occaisional passing ship.

Transmitter 3, the HE HE HE tee, was a 340mw MCW box with a verticle 1/4 wave spike. It was placed on the rocks at the end of pier G near the coal and coking barns. This tee was only about 1/4 mile from T-2, but took about 2.5 miles to get there by the shortest route, unless of course you swam. Kraig and I thank all who came out this evening.

The Results:


ME/LOR		43.2		4.72	1  WINNER!

PYE/DLQ		45.9		4.96	2

GQ/LAJ		49.9		5.40	3

AIN/EKS		56.90		6.32	4

XFC/MJN		58.9		6.84	5

73! de KD6FFF & KD6SNE