March 11 2006
Pathfinder Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ and Steve KD6LAJ

We held a hunt Sat night, but no one came out, oh I mean, not many came out. Steve & I had found a great place to hide, but when we found out that the hunt would only have two teams, we quickly chose a back up plan. We will have the chosen spot for another hide in the future. The teams that participated in the hunt where KG6RQQ & KG6LSE, the other team was comprised of three old time T-hunters, N6AIN, WA6PYE, and N6MJN, who each one could of been a team, but chose to go together. Anyway, I think we should have a handicap on those who wish to stuff a car with hunters. My proposal would be to multiply the number of occupants by the miles driven. In this case N6AIN team would have 119.7 miles and KG6RQQ would have 134.0 miles. There where two T's, the main one was a Squawk box Idling as T9, located on hwy 2 at the gate of Angeles Nation Forest (yes it was inbounds Deryl). The second T was a micro T, at the east side of JPL's parking lot, at the beginning of the hiking trail. Thanks for the two teams that did come out and it looks like even with the imposed handicap, N6AIN & WA6PYE and N6MJN will be hiding next Pathfinder (I wonder who will be left to hunt?).

 Don KF6GQ