February 11th 2017
Pathfinder Transmitter Hunt
Hider: Glenn AB6PA

At the start no signal from T1 could not be heard.  So it was necessary to give a direction to the hunters.  Prior to the start I was testing the controller and transmitter using a rubber duck for an antenna.  I had the 3 element beam installed and ready to go. Come start time, I thought I had switched from the rubber duck to the beam.  But I had not.  After the hunt started, I kept looking to determine why T1 could not be heard at the start point.  I discovered my error and corrected it immediately. Maybe that’s why they call us amateurs.


There were 2 T’s hidden.  T2 was very weak and could only be heard from T1 .  It was located north of T1 on the opposite side of Lake Mathews.  I disqualified it from the hunt.  T1 (which everybody found) was located at  33°48'9.29"N, 117°24'17.34"W on a pad in Gavalin Hills.


I had actually hidden at the same spot years ago.  But that was with for the Corona hunt after they expanded their boundaries from the south side of the City of Corona to the 74.


Near the end of the hunt, the N6AIN team got high sided and WA6CYY came to the rescue.


Hunt results:

Calls                                                                   Time     Miles

N6ZHZ/W6XRT (formerly KK6JDC)              20:53     44.0
WA6CYY                                                          22.02     59.9
N6AIN/WA6PYE                                              22:04     50.0


We offered a 60 mile reduction to Ron’s score for coming the rescue, but he declined.


The winning team is N6ZHZ/W6YRT