Results of the January 9th 1999 Pathfinder T-Hunt

Hiders....Mike KD6SNE and Kraig KD6FFF

T-1, the RACON Tone Tee, was in San Antonio Heights, at the base of Mount Baldy about 500 yds south of the National Forest Boundry. The antenna was placed on a berm next to the spillway channel that runs from San Antonio dam to Cucamonga Creek. The transmitter was placed about 20 feet away chained to an access gate. Access to this tee was on Arctic Drive SBD Thomas Bros Pg#572 B-1. The tee was running at 20mw into a vertizontal three element yagi. It was hoped that this tee would look like a did to a few.

T-2, the HO! HO! HO! Tee, was located right on the Northern border of Rancho Cucamonga at the dead end of a dirt two track known as Wilson road, on the bank of Etiwanda Creek. SBD Thomas Bros. Pg#574 A-2. The tee was running 350mw into a 1/4 wave spike. Polarization was vertizontal. You could drive right to this tee...if you found the right access road. Most teams trekked up the creek from Summit Ave.

T-3, the HE! HE! HE! tee, was located with me in the Lytle Creek Floodplain on the North bank of lytle Creek, roughly 1.5 miles Southeast of I-15. The tee was running 350mw into a 4 element yagi. Bearing and polarity were constantly changing. Access to this tee could only be accomplished by driving the only access road open or by hiking in. The road could only be accessed from the North side of I-15. The entrance of the road was right on the Northern bank of Lytle Creek where it crossed Glen Helen Parkway. The road crossed under I-15 and into the floodplain. Everbody chose to drive to the tee.

Everybody ended "up the creek" at one point or another this evening!

Kudos to Bob KF6RNL and his wife Lee who took third place this evening on only their second hunt ever!

Kraig Black KD6FFF and I had fun hiding this one for you and we want to thank all those who hunted.

The Results--Chrenshaws were not a factor.

Team	Start  T-1    T-2     T-3    Final   TIME		

MJN/XFC	110.3  134.8  150.6   159.0  48.7    21:35 WINNER

ADC/UZS	035.0  067.0  082.0   091.0  56.00   23:22

RNL/LEE	618.45 640.2  657.6   687.0  68.55   00:55

AIN/EKS	301.0  393.6  337.1   347.9  92.60   22:31

ME/LOR	415.0  NONE   499.5   516.0  101.00  23:31	

PYE/DLQ	162.45 DNF    DNF     226    DNF     21:48

K0OV	UNF    22:55  21:10