Results of the Fullerton RC hunt 12/20/97

The transmitter was in a new housing area accessible via Park Crest Drive from Butterfield Ranch Road near the new Chino Valley freeway.
Team            Odo   Crenshaw
               miles   units
N6XFC/N6MJN    23.5   2.7326
K0OV           26.25  2.8533
N6AIN/N6EKS    27.7   3.0109
WB6ADC/N6UZS   34.8   3.8667
WA6DLQ/WA6PYE  40.65  4.3710
Also, Bob and Cathy invite y'all to a Dutch treat dinner and T-hunt Film Festival on Boxing Day (12/26) at an unspecified Italian restaurant "not far from where they live." They will put a transmitter on the air around 6 PM. Bring your videos, because there will be a big-screen TV there. 73 de Joe K0OV