3rd Saturday Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt
December 18th 2004

Hider: Mike K6SNE

The Hider tried to hide in a cool spot to watch the Newport Harbor Boat Parade. But some residents who think they are to cool didn't think it was cool for me to have a cool view of the boat parade. So a rent-a-cop, who wasn't very cool at all, told me hit the road and take my T with me. All of this just before the 8:00PM start of the hunt. So I found a spot nearby and threw a T on the air. There were 2 official teams and 1 unofficial hunter.

N6AIN Deryl & WA6PYE Steve      23.4 miles      9:05PM
N6MJN Dave                          Unofficial  9:20PM
K0OV Joe & Friends              22.1 miles      9:50PM

K0OV Joe Friends are declared the winners!
73! Mike K6SNE