The December 15th 2007
Fullerton Hunt
Hider: KG6RQQ

WHERE: Mt Olive Drive in Bradbury next to Monrovia

Results to KG6RQQ T

Calls          time   Mileage
N6AIN/WA6PYE   9:00   29.5
KF6GQ          9:04   30.0
N6MJN          9:06   26.5 Winner
N6ZHZ          9:28   27.0
KE6GQO/KK6KK  10:00   33.0

After Don, KF6GQ, found the KG6RQQ T, He turned 
on a T in his truck and drove home, which was about 2
miles away, leaving it on when he got there.

Here are the results to that T.

Calls          time     Mileage
N6AIN/WA6PYE   9:30 pm  32.5
N6MJN          9:32 PM  30.5
N6ZHZ         10:00 PM  30.0
KF6GQO/KK6KK  10:45 PM  35.9

N6ZHZ                   30.0  First
N6MJN                   30.5 Second
N6AIN/WA6PYE            32.5 third
KF6GQO/KK6KK            35.9 Forth

Since Joe K0OV couldn't hide this one, he will be hiding the Fullerton hunt in January.