December 15th 2001

Fullerton T-Hunt


N6AIN and WA6PYE hid the ammo-can transmitter in the bushes in the parking lot of the MetroLink station near the traffic circle in Orange. Signal was strong on the hill but disappeared after departure, so hunters assumed it was much further away. Extra style points go to Mike K6SNE who broke a wire on his Doppler antenna in a hard stop, then circled in using signal strength alone. My team made the mistake of walking in from the other side of the train station, giving us low mileage. Next time we'll drive around the block a few times.

Crenshaw Factors did not affect the standings.

Team Odo Calls Miles K0OV/WB6UZZ/KE6WHR 10.05 KF6GQ/KD6LAJ 11.35 N6MJN/N6XFC 11.8 K6SNE 34.9 73, Joe K0OV