November 17th 2018
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Scot KA6UDZ
The T went on the air under timer control at 20:00. The transmitter had an output power of 8 mW and fed a 7-Element horizontally polarized Yagi pointed at Mt. San Antonio, A.K.A. Mt. Baldy. The carrier was continuous FM unmodulated punctuated by MCW with the ID and T number.

The transmitter was located in the parkway on the East side of South Eastside Drive, just South of Hillside Drive in West Covina.

The Lat/Lon is: 34°3'15.6"N 117°52'30.78"W

Shortly after 20:00, the hider heard whining from the start point that the T could not be heard. In response, the hider returned to his vehicle and retrieved an 80 pound deep cycle battery and 50 W transmitter (Yaseu FT-897). These were then carried 300 feet laterally and uphill 25 feet to the transmitter site. Mere seconds before this transmitter was activated, word was received that the 8 mW T was just barely detectable. The 50 W T was used to suppress the whining and provide help for those needing it. To offset the advantage afforded by such a strong signal, the signal was intermittent. After several minutes, the 50 Watt T was replaced with the 8 mW, continuous carrier, T to head off any complaints to the Board about rules.

Once the 50 Watt T and battery were securely back in the car at 20:23, the hider settled in for the long peaceful wait sure to follow. This peace was disturbed at 20:55 when the first team arrived - NSIXAIN and WA6PYE. SO much for barely detectable.

WA6CYY arrived 15 minutes later at 21:10.

Word was then received via WA6CYY that the third team, consisting of N6ZHZ and ???, had turned the wrong way and become sufficiently discouraged that they decided to head for the barn.

The T and Yagi were then packed down the hill, disassebled, and packed in the car.

The final results are:

Team               Time In               Mileage

N6AIN/WA6PYE       20:55                 21.7                         

WA6CYY             21:10                 25.3 

N6ZHZ/???          D.N.F.
Thus, N6AIN and WA6PYE are the winners and hiders for next month's hunt. This leaves WA6CYY free to hunt if he so chooses. After a short discussion, N6AIN and WA6PYE departed leaving WA6CYY and the hider to face the natives alone. Minutes later, a resident emerged from the house in front of which WA6CYY had parked. He approached and milled around the vehicle before beginning to holler. Due to the distance involved, the hider could only make out: "WHAT are you guys doing??." We then walked down the hill to close the distance and make communication possible. The resident explained that he had settled into a quiet evening watching football. This was disturbed by an odd looking vehicle with a sweeping antenna on the roof sailing past his living room window. This would have been N6AIN and WA6PYE. When WA6CYY parked in front of his house, he told his XYL that enough was enough, he had to investigate. We explained what we were doing but by this time the only artifact visible was WA6CYY's antenna. Pulling up the website on a smart phone lent the needed credibility to the story. Satisfied, the resident returned to his game and the hider and WA6CYY left the area.