November 17th 2007
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ

The T was located in the city of Chino Hills, near the Butterfield Exit, on Mystic Canyon Rd. just passed the intersection of Twin Knols Dr.

I'm not sure of what power level I was running, but it was less than 10 watts, to a 4 element beam, pointed at Mt. Baldy. Everyone got a bounce, some went north then west, before catching a signal down the 71 freeway. Joe who won, came over Carbon Canyon, to the 71 and then got my signal direct. 

Also thank you Bob for bringing the two new hams along so they could experience the hunt fun. Hope you had a good time hunting, Don KF6GQ.

Thanks for the teams that came out. 
1st.  K0OV  24.85 miles  WINNER
2nd. N6ZHZ  34.0 miles 
3rd. N6MJN  42.0 miles 
4th. N6AIN  72.4 kilometers