November 16th 2013
Fullerton Radio Club
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Steve WA6PYE
Hiding Place: East Yorba Linda in a parking lot just east of a Denny's on Oakcrest Cir.

33° 52' 19.9" N   117° 44' 33.90" W


Calls                                 Miles
N6MJN                            10.1
AB6PA/KG6EEK           12.5
N6AIN                             13.8
WA6CYY                        25.4

Winner is Dave N6MJN.

Bob N6ZHZ showed up at the Denny's after the hunt with his new (new for him) 2011 Toyota pickup.
It seems his old one was totaled in an accident on the 8th. He and his radios were not damaged.