Results of the
October 20Th, 2001
Transmitter Hunt

 CALL/S                MILES    CF NO. 
 K0OV/WB6UZZ           21.85    2.3750 
 N6AIN/WA6PYE          23.75    2.6389 
 K6SNE/N6UZS           24.7     2.8721 
 KF6ZLJ/KF6ZLP         27.6     ? 

How often do T-hunts end up in somebody's side yard? N6MJN is doing some construction at a house in Newport Beach, just across from a junior high school. He put his low-power transmitter and horizontal mag-mount next to the garage. There was plenty of signal at the start, but then it became very weak until the hunters got into Costa Mesa. A large group of teens making a music video next door added to the confusion at the end point.