Fullerton Radio Club
October 19th 2002
Transmitter Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ
Hiding Place: Thomas Brods Pg. 680 1H or H1

I found a spot to hide the T, that was I hoped line of sight to the start. I was planning to use my new "Squawk Box" T that I got from Bob Simons. It's real small and I wanted to make it as close to invisible as possible. I found this plastic constructed fence at the west end of La Sierra in the city of Chino Hills. I used a Polaroid flat battery so it would be easier to hide than a 9V battery (these put out lots  of amps at 6V). Enclosed are some pictures. We had four official teams and one unofficial team. All got there. All had fun finding the T. Thanks for joining me on this hunt.

KF6GQ's signal was very weak and horizontal at the starting point, and the reason was clear at the end.  His 20 milliwatt "SquawkBox" transmitter, PolaPulse battery and wire antenna were taped to a plastic fence at the end of La Sierra Drive in Chino Hills.  The location was relatively high and clear, and it looked back down Carbon Canyon to the starting point 11 miles away, but the path wasn't line-of-sight.

Lack of signal caused some guessing for the doppler teams.
Joe K0OV

Call/s Odometer Crenshaw no.
K0OV/WB6UZZ/KE6WHR 18.60 2.0217
WA6PYE/N6AIN 18.85 2.0944
N6IDF/KF6GWV 36.20 N/A
K6SNE 50.20 N/A