October 18th 2003
Fullerton Raidio Club T-Hunt

Hider: Don KF6GQ
Hiding Place:

The location of the hidden T, was at the far western end of Eucalyplus. I was planning to use only 5mw of power, into a 15 element beam, but the signal was not heard by the majority of teams. So I put a amp to raise it to 0.5watts. This made the hunt a bit easier. I stayed till 11:00pm, waiting for the last hunter to arrive, and as I was taking down the antenna, a Sheriffs deputy came and asked what I was doing. No problem. The winner seems to be the team of XFC & MJN.

TIME Crenshaw In order Raw Normalized Call/s of arrival MILES Miles PLACE K6SNE 8:50pm 16.70 19.00 #3 N6XFC/MJN 9:02pm 15.90 17.47 #1 Winner N6AIN/PYE 9:05pm 21.35 23.72 #5 WA6DWL/MJU 9:14pm 17.00 18.68 #2 K0OV/IC/LRH 9:30pm 18.70 20.50 #4 W6DFW/DNF DNF #6