October 17th, 1998 Fullerton Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: Richard N6UZS and Perez KF6LFZ

Having my "new-old" car enabled me to hide my very OWN Fullerton 3rd Saturday hunt. Helping me on this hide is first time hunter Alonso Perez KF6LFZ from the Pasadena Radio Club.

After driving all over the eastern half of Anaheim Hills I settled for a choice piece of property right off Weir Canyon Road and Blue Sky Drive. There's plenty of new construction going on there due to the opening of Eastern Toll Road Route 241/261.

Hidden tee was 340 milliwatt radio into a 15db attenuator equals about a 1-2mw signal to the 4 element quad. Antenna was aiming east at Sierra Peak hoping for any kind of reflection which for some teams did detect and try to follow. The first 4 teams found us in little under an hour with the rest scattered until 10pm.

Tee was placed so minimal signal made it 200 yards west to Weir Canyon and appeared to be a weak S2 or so. A 60 foot dirt housing pad berm helped alot.


CALL/S            MILES     CF
WA6DLQ/WA6PYE     11.80     1.2688....WINNER
N6XFC/N6MJN       11.60     1.3488**
KF6GQ/KD6LAJ      11.95     1.3541**
N6AIN/N6EKS       12.30     1.3667**
KB6WKT/KE6HPZ     12.35     No Crenshaw
K0OV/UZZ/LRH      13.75     1.4946
WB6ADC/NYW/RNL    17.35     1.9278 

KJ6HZ........Close by on Weir Canyon at 11pm but 
chased away by Anaheim PD.


**XFC, GQ, and AIN teams were all within 850 FEET of each other according to the EXACT calculations of K0OV's math.
73 Richard N6UZS.