Fullerton Radio Club
September 21st 2002
Transmitter Hunt

Hiders: K0OV, WA6OPS and WB6UZZ

Five teams lined up at the starting point for the FRC T-hunt on September 21, getting starting bearings that ranged from Mt. Wilson to Mt. Baldy. Actually, we (K0OV, WA6OPS and WB6UZZ) were almost directly north of the starting point. The T was alongside Galster Way in West Covina, just north of Galster Park, with the beam pointed at Mt. Wilson.

According to Microsoft Streets, the shortest possible route to us was 16.0 miles, unless you cut through the housing tracts to avoid the intersection of Valley and Azusa, in which case you could do it in 15.6 miles. KF6GQ says he did it in 16.7 miles. Everybody else was a lot higher, including N6UZS, who says he almost took the 71 freeway south. Hmmm, 32 miles in about 40 minutes, that's an average of 48.6 MPH start to finish. And you thought Deryl drove fast!

Team                 Odo   Crenshaw
Calls               Mile    Units
KF6GQ               16.7   1.8074
N6AIN/WA6PYE/N6MJN  20.55  2.2833
WA6BFH              25.4      ?
K6SNE               27.2   3.1628
N6UZS               32.4   3.6000

Thanks for hunting. Did anyone go up to the "Stump the Stars" in Pleasanton?
Joe K0OV