Results of the September 20th, 97 Fullerton T-Hunt

Like most T-hunters, Clarke WB6ADC is always on the lookout for good hiding spots as he does his day-to-day travels. A while back he spotted an interesting break in the sound wall next to the 55 freeway not far from the Walnut Avenue overcrossing. He attached the 100 milliwatt ammo case T to the chain-link fence with the mag-mount antenna horizontal and about two inches above the grass. Most teams lost the signal for some or most of the distance from the start to this T. Below is a map of the hiding place. The red "T", on it's side, where Walnut goes over the 55 Fwy, is where the transmitter was hidden.


  Team                 Odo   Crenshaw
Members             Miles   Units

K0OV/WB6UZZ          11.1   1.2065
WA6PYE/Vicki/Ron     11.5   1.2432
WA6DLQ               12.1   1.2737
WA6MPF/KE6MJU/Chris  11.7   1.2787
KE6HPZ/WB6JDH        11.75
N6AIN/N6EKS          14.1   1.5495